I want my mommy.....

It's been two weeks now since I returned to work after my sicky yet adventorous trip to Alaska. Normally I would have finally catch up with work at this point, but guess what, NOT!!!!!.

My normal work schedule is suppose to be 9-5 (sooooo very white collar job). Yet I've been working 7 am to 9 pm almost every single day. I don't mind working the extra hours -- I get overtime anyway -- but I want to finish my work on time and working on some projects that I've been holding on for a while. I want to go home also and HAVE A LIFE. But who knows, it's not working......unless I live @ work for a week -- but my company does not allow that.

Good example was an incident yesterday, Friday. I planned that day to do one thing and one thing only -- To make sure that I have my paperwork ready on Monday for presentation. I have my sight all set up when I got a call from one of our divisions (we have 100 of them by the way) and asked me if I can see some people. I told him that Friday is my catch up day and would prefer a different day. When given the option of going the following Friday -- I realized that I can't -- I'm saving that day for my cousin's wedding (not sure yet if going). Sooooo, being the nice guy that I am, I said ok. And being the dumb guy that I am, I didn't finished what I have to do and will have to wait on Monday. Monday morning like around 7 am...again!!!!!!!!


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