foodtrip: sentosa

i'm starting a new category on my blog.  since i go out at least once a week, i figured why not.  

sentosa according to it's website is an authentic malaysian cuisine.  to be honest, i don't see any difference between the southeast asian dishes.  for me, they are all the same.  ok, before i get any comments, i know they are not the same.  it's just that i don't eat this type of dishes on a regular basis so i can't tell what is what.

in any case, this is my second visit to this place.  i like the service - very fast - and the food, well no complaints at all. 

**ROTI CANAI (crispy style pancake with curry chicken & potato dipping sauce.

**MANGO SHRIMP (cooked with shredded mango in spicy sweet & sour sauce, served in mango shell)
**PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE (fried rice with shrimp, raisin, squid, egg & basil leaves)

**KANG KUNG BELACAN (sauteed convolus with spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce)

**HAINANESE CHICKEN (steamed chicken with chef's special soy sauce)
3907 Prince St.
Flushing, NY 11354


  1. i wonder how does the steamed chicken taste. doesnt it taste like raw?

    1. that's what my mom said. i told her that it comes with sauce to remove the raw taste.

    2. I go for the salad instead:-)

    3. nothing beats a steamed kang kong with shrimp paste :)

  2. I found the look very odd.. though one must not judge a good food by the looks.

    1. Alin po ang odd? With the exception of the chicken, I like them all.

  3. Hainanese chicken doesnt look appetizing. lol



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