blast of colour on a crazy day...

had a rough day today at work.  had seven meetings.....on a FRIDAY!!!  mind you that these are not short meetings.  one lasted for an hour and half.

i thought everything would be better after work.  i was wrong.  got to subway only to find out there was a delay.  the 10 minutes ride to my destination became 40.  as soon as i got out, it started to drizzle.  today is just not my day.  oh well, rather than get stressed out on a very crazy day, i stayed cool and did what most people would

**a little birdie told me to calm down :) sweater from ZARA...

**trying to figure out which is more colorful, my sweater or the fruits...


  1. i want your sweater. inggit much.

    enjoy the weekend. :)

    1. let me tell you, i am venturing to stuff that i would normally avoid.

      have a great weekend as well :)

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    1. i am hoping, just hoping, next week will be better :) #positivethinking

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    1. i guess it's an attention grabber.



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