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last Wednesday, i decided to take a day off from work. since i had no plans but to stay at home and just relax, i decided to sit in front of my computer and try to bid for a used cellphone on ebay. you are probably wondering why a used cell phone. believe me, you are not the first one to ask me that. to be honest, i can buy a new phone if i want. but why spend $400 when i can get it for a fraction of the price??? also, i have two reasons why be so practical:

(1) i am not really into cellphone. my very first cellphone was a hand me down from my brother (that was back in 1997). the second and third one was a gift from my ex (this all happened months apart in 2004). the fourth one was the very first phone that i actually bought with my own money (2007). now this used one (2011 from ebay). so as you can tell, it’s not my thing.

(2) i barely used my cellphone. my current plan right now has 300 voice minutes and 1,000 for text. based on my 12 months usage, my average is 50 voice minutes and 100 text per month. i don’t get any credit for not using all those minutes and text. my monthly bill is always the same. you are probably saying why not change plans. well my dear readers, my current plan dates back to 1997 (with the exception of text which i added later). if i change my plan or move to another carrier, it would cost me no lower than 75% more than what i’m paying right now. every time i call my carrier, they (customer reps) could not believe that i’m in a plan that no longer exist. i guess they don’t bother to ask me to change since i’m a loyal customer.

**htc touch pro 2

before i forget, most (it not all) friends and relatives of mine changed at least 2-4 times their cellphone numbers so far. i still have the same number since 1997....imagine that.


  1. wow! that's around 14 years of being a loyal customer. mine's around 7 years already and the plan i'm using doesn't exist anymore as well.

    anyway, nice phone! :)

  2. wow over ten years... ako since 6 years ago last nagpalit dahil sa isang crazy stalker

  3. @andy-it's wow alright. been tempted to change a few times especially when the iphone came out. but it was not for me.

    @glentot-i had (and every now and then) my share of a few stalkers. i guess they gave up cause believe me, i will not change my number.

  4. same din tayo I'm not into cellphone for the last 2 months I don't own a cellphone kc nga nawala ko then one of my male barkada give me his old celphone kc di nila ako maka contact then last week lang na pabili ako kc na awa na ako sa sarali ko..hahah...

  5. @sunny-your friend just gave you a CP...that's so generous (i think).

  6. wow, loyalty awardee! almost 14 years with that sim card. haaamazing!



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