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magpupungko beach is located in the town of pilar.  most visitors of the island would not normally come here since it's a bit of a trip from Cloud 9. i got lucky i met a tour guide who was kind enough to include me on this trip even though i was staying at a different resort.  i was joined by tata and moymoy (the local tour guides), fiona from switzerland, and peter from the czech republic.  it was my first time to ride a habal-habal (motorbike) - very scary at first.  

magpupungko beach is more of a local hangout spot than a tourist spot.  when we got there, all the huts were already taken by families and barkadas (friends) on vacation.  there were no signs of foreigners at all.  

at first glace, it looks like most typical beaches in the philippines.  but  if you go to the far left of the beach, you would see what this beach is famous for - the lagoons (which are created during low tide).  the water is very clear and inviting.  it looks like shallow but mind you, there are deep spots - very very deep.  

there is a fee of 50 Pesos (about $1.25) to get in the beach. 

**local kids

**amazing rock formation

**tata with fiona from switzerland

**mangroves a few towns past pilar



  1. No wonder the name of the beach sounds so Bisaya, sa Siargao pala ito.

    The place is just so beautiful. Reminds me of my home island. :D

    1. yup. i am not a big beach fan but this was a surprise. i like it.

  2. argh! ang ganda ng mga kuha mo :) kainggit

    at pwede ko bang nakawin tong template mo hiih

    1. salamat po. and of course, it's not mine anyway. it's free, just follow the link below.

  3. Replies
    1. i am definitely going back there again.



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