Very odd.....

i'm trying to do some house cleaning today, which by the way happens only once in a blue moon, when i stumble into an old travel book about alaska i purchased back in 2003. i had to stopped what i'm doing because it made me think for a minute....and then smiled. why?

back in january of 2003, after attending a friends wedding/cruise at the carribean, we all decided that we should plan another cruise trip just for fun. we all decided that since most people who went on an alaskan cruise always recommend it, we figured that it's the next trip that we'll take. as the instigator of this whole plan, i bought the travel book and also did some research. we all planned but for some reason, the plan didn't materialized. the printed documents were recycled and the book, well as you already know, was lost with the other travel books i've collected.

then during 2004 when i was still with my back then other half (now a dear friend), we planned to go on vacation on a cruise trip. and guess what i suggested, you got it, a trip to alaska.

by late 2004, we put a down payment for the cruise trip. the trip by the way is not until August 2005. why so early? if you not are familiar with alaskan cruise trip, they sell pretty fast and alaskan cruise only happens a certain period during the year. you know ship.....very thick ice...not a good match. anyway, back to my story. so the alaskan trip happened. my friends who i originally asked about the trip could not believe that i went.

finding the travel book today, i realized that i went to alaska without actually bringing the travel book with me. it just dawned on me that i went not remembering that i had a travel book.

funny isn't it that things do remind you of these certain things.


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