"i need a f****** new job"...

while riding in the subway this afternoon on my way home, i had the pleasure of listening to two conversations that coincidentally had the same topic.

first was this two middle age women who seems decent enough and i would assume they have a respectable job in whatever field they are in. but one of the ladies was complaining about how she hates her job and that she just need to submit her resignation and wait for her replacement so that she can move on. she was literally explaining item by item to her friend why do they (i would assume her supervisor/s) make her do things that she is not suppose to do. of course, the friend was just agreeing to whatever was being mentioned to her. then the conversation ended after a few stops because they have to transfer.

second incident happened after i got off the train. while going down the stairs, i heard this woman (dress nicely so i would assume she works in an office) talking to someone on her cellphone complaining about how she needs to find a better paying job. she was getting frustrated that the economy is just ruining her whole life. as soon as i started listening to her rant about her f*ing job, she went opposite to where i was heading.....which basically ended the whole story.

i just checked the status of DOW JONES index and it's above 11,000 points for today. a good sign that the economy is beginning to pick up BUT it's not there yet. so i guess those two ladies who were complaining about their job needs to wait a lot more longer....

oh by the way, it seems like i am eavesdropping on personal conversations. actually i am not. if you are not familiar with some NYC subway riders, most people talk like they are the only person in the world....


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