summer vacation...

so it's been almost two months since i last posted here. what happened? we'll after my company moved to the new site, i've been very busy with work - which basically leave me half dead by the time i get back. also, i blame it to facebook. either i am logging on my account or to my nephew's account - to play either cafe world or farmville. anyhow, i am trying to kick the habit. crossing my fingers and toes.

dom, em, jo @ everglades national park

anyway, i went to florida over a week ago with my two nieces, nephew, and my mom. it's their first time visiting there - it's my third. the exciting thing about this trip is that i, yes I, drove from NYC to Orlando. if you try to google map it, it basically say 19.5 hours and 1,000 miles...that is if you keep on going non-stop. but since we are talking about me here, i managed to make it 19 hrs (with about 2 hours in total of stops). don't think i am a reckless driver. i have kids and my mom as my passenger so i was safe...but yes, i drove from NYC to Orlando. i drove to key west as well while in florida - that's another 8 hrs of one way (so 16 hrs in total). oh yeah, don't forget that on the way home, it's another 19 hrs from orlando to NYC.

would I do it again?? only time can tell (wink wink)

view from our hotel veranda @ islamorada, florida


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