Tumi or not tumi...

so finally last week while i was trying to do my holiday shopping, i decided to get myself a wallet. it's been a few months now that i have nothing or nowhere to put my monies and cards except in my pocket. it was driving me crazy every time i try to something.

anyway, after using the wallet for a week now, i'm still a bit uneasy of actually putting it on my back pockets. i don't like the feeling of having a "bulge" behind my back. also, sitting down is so uncomfortable. why such the fuss about a wallet?? well the last time I actually used a wallet was about 10 years ago. i bought this elephant skin (it was so wrong) wallet from macy's. it was so light and i love it. after it run out of it's use, i got the tiffany money clip that I gave to my brother as a gift - he was not using it so why waste it. ever since then, i was happy with it....until it split into two about two months ago. i was thinking of getting a new one but i figured i should trying using a wallet again.


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