snow whiteout...

i never thought that i would actually see snow in my lifetime. i guess growing up in a tropical country, you only deal with rain and sun. the closest thing to snow that I can recall was hail. it happened only once if my memory serves me well. snow to me was very alien. i know it exist but only through movies and tv shows. it was just something to dream about.

when my mom decided to take us to the US for a vacation (that was in 1991), i finally saw the real deal. it was either the last few days of winter or early spring. we are planning to go to the statue of liberty when saw these white stuff falling down from the sky. at first my siblings and i didn't know what it was but then we realized it was snow (my mom confirmed). it was like magic. i remember sticking out my tongue hoping one would fall directly so that i can taste it. although it was only a dusting, it was unforgettable. it was cold, but i like it.

@ rockefeller center

view of my street this morning


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