what alarm...

here is what i do every single morning during the weekdays:

1. search for my cellphone on the overhead
2. check the time
3. put the cellphone back and search for my ipod touch.
4. check the weather
5. check the current news on cnn.com
6. check other blogs
7. head to the bathroom to do my daily rituals
8. get dress for work
9. if there's breakfast, eat.
10.head to the subway to go work

i know. so predictable. what is your morning ritual???


  1. wake up at 3am.
    check email.
    check sms.
    brew my coffee
    work (read book or write paper)
    read blogs entries.
    cook something for lunch at work
    eat breakfast (if there is any)
    take a bath
    rush to work

    *everything happens between 3am to 6.30am

  2. by the way, the "prove you're not a robot" thing when posting a comment is annoying. :) just saying.



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