am I cheap or just practical??

inspired by watching a new episode of extreme couponing this past weekend, i decided to check to see if any of the coupons I recently cut will work. during my lunch break, i went to the nearest rite aid (it's about two (2) avenues away). **for non-new yorkers, that’s probably 3-4 blocks of your local street.

anyway, i was very disappointed that none of the coupons I have can be used. they do not carry the brand for my coupons :(. since i was already there, i decided to pick up the some stuff. so here is the break down of my purchase for today:

3 pack coke classic can 12z (12 cans/pk)
  • regular price: $5.99 or $17.97
  • sale: $3.99 or $11.97
  • plus: $1.80 (bottle deposit)
2 pack 9V alkaline battery (2 batteries/pk)
  • regular price: $6.99 or $13.98
  • sale: buy 1 take 1 free
1 bottle water
  • regular price: 99 cents
  • sale: 89 cent
  • plus: 5 cents bottle deposit

total cost before discount: $37.57 (with tax)
total cost after store discount card and $3 off store coupon: $19.12 (plus tax)


**Oh yeah, before I forget, I also got a $2 off for my next purchase.

Note: i promise that this will not be a regular topic for my blog. just got excited for saving almost 50%.



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