a new hobby???

a week or so ago, i watched this new tv show on TLC called extreme couponing. it's about real people saving tons of money by doing couponing. i was amazed at this one lady who spent only $35 for a grocery worth about $1,200. that’s a whopping 97% in savings.

i’ve never tried couponing before but there is always a first for everything. so i tried my very first coupon this afternoon. i bought a tuna croissant sandwich at dunkin donuts for $1.99 (original price was $2.99 but i got a $1.00 coupon). i know it’s not that much but hey, i got a dollar savings. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i've been addicted to coupon deals on the internet lately. I once had a 50% off on my dinner in a 5 star hotel restaurant. that's roughly around USD15.

  2. @andy-that's a great deal.

  3. Awesome! Yeah I heard couponing is quite big in the US.

  4. @gasul-in this time and age, every saving counts.



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