not long island iced tea...

met my friend geli for dinner yesterday after work. we went to ihawan2 located at long island city. since it was still too early to go home, geli took me to this local bar named long island city bar (i guess they couldn’t think of any other name) and hangout with some of her co-workers (all guys). i tend to get bored when i don’t know anyone...but not this crowd. drinking with an american, two irish, and two english bloke is a blast in a glass.

barbeque platter

sauce for the b-platter

laing and bicol express


  1. The title of your entry makes me want to have a long island drink:)I miss getting drunk/


  2. I just ha ddinner, but looking at that barbecue makes me wanna eat again.

  3. laing and bicol express are being served? the owner must be a Pinoy?



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