up, down, up, down...

here’s a rhetorical question. how often do you hear a guy say "i'm having weight issue??". i would assume that the answer would be never or not often. why am i asking? well while i was trying to find a pants this morning, i realize that i don't have any pants to wear. my pants are either in the laundry or needs to be ironed. since i don’t have any time to actually iron my pants, i decided to look at what is available to my disposal. sad to say but i didn't have that much of an option. i have jeans, corduroy pants and sweatpants - none of which i can wear to work. well, let me correct myself. i actually have pants to wear but (a very long pause here)........ i have one problem, the waist size is bigger. let me explain.

during my late teens, i can fit on a size 28 pants. yes, you read it right. TWENTY-EIGHT. then during the early 2000, i gained some weight and long gone are my 28s. i basically worked at mcdonalds for about year and let's just say that didn't help me at all. by 2004/2005, i was wearing size 38 (should i even repeat that?) laugh all you want but even i could not believe it. here's a side story about my waist line. it was during a vacation in asia. i was trying to buy an underwear at a Calvin Klein store and they told me that the largest size they have was a 32. here i was asking the sales lady for a 38 and they only have 32. oh, it was beyond humiliation. the only thing my cousin and i can do was laugh about it (but deep inside though it was embarrassing). not to make any excuses but i was in a relationship at that time and trying to look good was the least of my concerns (fact: study show that people in happy relationship do gain weight).

well forward to 2010, i started running and tried to be consistent of going to the gym. the size 38 is now a 32. it was a big accomplishment. to top things off, when i went out with my co-workers for my birthday that year, the bouncer who checked my ID had to double take to see if that was actually me on the pix. he complimented the big difference. i was basically on cloud nine that whole night.

now lets go to the present. a week ago, i decided to buy some pants. I tried my usual 32 and i felt that it was a bit baggy. i tried the 31, and guess what? it feels great on me. don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to get skinny. my height/weight proportion will be off if i lose more weight. it's just that i am amaze of my accomplishment. now the question is would i continue losing weight or will i gain again and blow up to a size 38?? i cannot tell but one thing is for sure, i will try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle – whether its size 31 or a 38.


  1. Argh! What did you do to lose weight???

  2. @gasul-i try to run at least 4-5 miles/day 2x during the week. if i'm not running, i walk.

  3. Mabuti ka pa. Another friend of mine lost 60lbs in 11 months. If I lose 30 lbs in 6 months, magpapainom ako. Promise!



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