bathroom rules and etiquette PLEASE!!!!

as a kid, i was always told to wash my hands after every use. as i grew older, not only do i wash my hands, i always take extra paper towel to turn off the faucets and to hold door knobs. no i am not a neat freak. it’s just that it defeats the purpose of washing hands and then hold the faucets/knobs touched by other people especially in public restrooms.

now, my dilemma is how do you tell someone to wash their hands after using the bathroom? do you send an anonymous email? text message? leave a note? or just say it to their face (in a polite way of course, if there is a way)? this someone always wants to shake hands every time we meet. i am running out of excuses for not doing it…..and if we do shake hands, i always look for a hand sanitizer or speed walk to the bathroom.

**i’m hoping that this someone only do the # 1 and not the # 2...but that still doesn't matter. WASH YOUR HAND!!!


  1. You don't. LOL! As everyone has their own habits, may it be good or bad. Just bring your hand sanitizer everywhere you go.

  2. same concern! haha
    ganyan ako kaarte, i dont hold doorknobs and handrails in public vehicles.

  3. @gasul-it's getting a bit expensive replenishing my hand sanitizer bottle...hehehe

    @ms. chyng-amen to that!!!



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