the juxtaposition of life...

if you or someone you know wanted to see how the well-off and the poor live here in the big apple, you don’t need to go any further. just head to st. bartholomew’s church located on park avenue between 50th and 51st street next to the famous waldorf astoria.

on the right side of the church is the inside park @ st. bart’s restaurant. during summer days after work especially on fridays, this place is always packed with men wearing expensive suits and women in their louboutins, jimmy choos, or blahniks. You might want to order a side of hand cut fries but it will cost you $7.

on the left side of the church, you have another type of restaurant – serving others @ st. bart’s. no matter the season…fall, spring, summer, or worst winter, there is always a line for breakfast, lunch, or early dinner. mostly men (with a few women) of different races and age are given plastic bags for the food ration for the day. the clothes in their back smells like soaked in water for days. shoes with holes.

i pass both sides every time to and from work. i often wonder what each of the side thinks of the other side. does the rich ignore the poor and pretend that they do not exist? does the poor imagine the taste of a $7 fries? i just wonder...


  1. Hmm pretty heavy post... There's a song playing in my head, Another Day in Paradise.

  2. @glentot-took me a while to remember that song, but yes, definitely brings meaning to this post.



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