two & three down, 8 more to go...

so my flight from korea arrived exactly 12 am in manila (there goes my plan to go out on a saturday night...JOKING!!!). my aunt, cousin (and her kids) pick me up and then drop me of at the local airport....yes, i was flying out of manila.

as i write this post, i am here in davao for one night only. tour the downtown area and wanted to do more but decided to find a hotel. by the time i unpacked, i took a short nap. BIG MISTAKE! jet lag. woke up late and was too tired to go out at all. ot too happy about it but at least i managed to see the downtown area of davao.

it's 1:50 am here right now and i'm still up. ina few hours, i have to pack my stuff again and move to the next city and hotel....TO SLEEP!!!!


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