another year…

before this year ends, i’m still trying to debate with myself on whether i had great year or not. as i looked back of the things that happened to me this year, the only thing that stands out are my two vacations. why my vacations only? i guess i am more happier when i’m not stressed out and the fact that i’m with families and friends.

vacation # 1: trip to orlando, florida in august – this was the first (and i mean first) time that the whole family went on a family vacation. had a bit of a problem in the end due to hurricane irene hitting the nyc area but all in all, we all had fun. the kids enjoyed it. wanted to do it again next year – which i do hope happens.

vacation # 2: trip back to the philippines in october – okay, this is not my first time going back home. the only difference this time is that i actually traveled – either with my cousin and her family who is also visiting from england or with my bestfriend. i visited places that i only read during my younger years. went to davao, cebu, boracay, bohol, batangas, and went on a side tour to singapore - all of that in three weeks. yes, it sounds very tiring but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad since i enjoyed every single trip.

so based on these two events that happened this year, i think i had a good year. whatcha think??


  1. in addition, considering you're in good health and that all else in life is relatively okay, i think you've had a great year!



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