lazy bed...

ever since i got my itouch a year and half ago, it's becoming more part of me than my cellphone. before, i cannot be separated with my phone. but now-a-days, it's okay if i forget my phone @ work as long as i have itouch. why is that??

we'll everything that i do now is through my itouch - call, text, surf the web, even watch tv - yes, watch tv. my internet provider lets you watch tv shows on your tv (duh), iphone, ipad, and itouch. how cool is that right??? i can go anywhere now without missing a single second of whatever i am watching. but i realized that it's also starting to be a problem. i realized that i take my itouch to bed watching a show hoping that it would put me to sleep. what happening thought is that if i find something interesting, i would stay up all night - and it's not a good habit. most often, i would go sleep close to midnight (and mind you that i have to wake up by 6). it's a great feature to have but it's just not healthy. i need to do something before it gets any worse...

(watching an old episode of friends - that is not download, it's actually playing on tv).


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