it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning…

since the beginning of this year, i was second guessing myself if i should keep continue blogging. to be honest, i have no problem doing it. it’s just that for some reason, i feel like i lost the drive to write what i really wanted to write.

when i first started blogging, html was the way to go - i know…that somewhat tells you how old i am :). i was business major who took a computer graphics class just for an easy A….hey, it was my last semester in college and i need a “BS” class. i got hooked on web design and created my first blog through geocities - yes, geocities. it was fun at first posting my computer graphic works…but after i graduated, the passion just died with it.

a few years later, the passion came back. i decided to make it a diary/journal kind-a-thing to write to my nieces and nephews who i hope someday will read it. somewhere along the way, it got veered off to a different direction…it just became so random.

recently, two bloggers who i followed on a daily basis said their goodbyes. i never met them in person but i feel like i have a connection with them. both have different reasons why but you can tell from their last post that the passion is no longer there. i don’t want to say goodbye for now since i still have that passion. i just want to set me priorities back to where i originally intended my blog to be….my nieces and nephews. you can follow me still at Boo Boo Head.

…and on that note, i am officially ending this blog.


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