Q: what photo of yourself do you wish would go away?

A: most of my pictures during my high school days especially post 2nd year.  i had a sudden growth spurt during the summer break.  i went from 5'2 to about 5'8 in height.  i was glad i was tall but the weight took a looooong time to catch up.  all my pix looks like i do not eat at all.

and NO, i am not posting any high school pix. :)


  1. sayang. a picture would go well with this post. haha.

  2. So you went through that phase... When I was a kid I used to have a pic of me lying on my bed with my legs spread apart, showing places where the dun doesn't shine. But not anymore. I burned that photo.

    1. yup. it was a horrible phase alright. there's a few photos floating out there but i refuse to even look at it.



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