the bar downstairs...

had a great time last night with my co-workers.  first, jenny and i went to our usual after work hang-out spot, tonic, which is a block away from our work.  she had to leave early since she had a prior engagement.  so after jenny left, i met with another co-worker, dana, who was coming from the gym.  the original plan was for dana to meet us at tonic.  but dana got a text from her boyfriend who was in another bar with his colleagues.  since the bar where i was was starting to get crowded (the yankees were playing for the ALCS title), i figured the other bar would be a good change.  so dana and i went to this bar called "the bar downstairs" located at 42nd and 5th ave.  at first  i thought we were lost since we could not find the door.  lo and behold, the door was literally in-front. 

like the main entrance, the decor of the bar is very minimalist.  going "downstairs", it was all wood.  once your in the basement level, there are no signs to say where the bar is except a massive door.  upon entering, you know you're there since the place was packed with midtown white-collar workers in their late 20's up to maybe 30's.  definitely this is an after hour work spot.  

the menu selection was not that great but their drinks are concoction of premium cocktails, wines, and beers.  i had only one drink - yes i said one - but it was just over the top good....and very strong if i might add.  i had a few drinks already prior to going to this bar so i didn't want to push myself over my limit.  and i will admit it, the one drink that i ordered was about $15 (pricey).  i guess you pay what you get.


  1. coming over in ny on april next year and reading your informative blog is a big help. :)



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