i vote for...

New York being a democrat state, it's already known that the NY State Electoral votes will go to Obama. 

voting is tomorrow and i'm still undecided on who to vote. oh well, as long as i vote, that's what count.  question is: (a) four more years OR (b) four new years?  we shall see...

**rockefeller center promenade


  1. update mo kami sino binoto mo at ano yung mga naging major considerations mo sa choice mo.

    1. i voted very early this morning. i voted for male candidate. :)

      what it comes down to basically is who has the same ideas and beliefs that i do that will make this a great nation. the debates i believe played a major role in my decision making.

    2. at sa mahaba mong sagot, ako ay nanatiling clueless.haha!



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