the met...

took my mom, sis, nieces, and my aunts to the met (aka metropolitan museum of art) today.  i figured since there's still snow on the ground, not too many people will venture to go out.  i was right...

**traditional ceremonial mask from the pacific...

**something spectrum. i didn't get the name and also the artist.

**(l to r) sis, aunt, aunt, mom - standing right next to a statue of artemis and a deer.

**early iranian ceramic sculpture.  now try explaining what the statue is doing to a 10 & 14 year...

**not sure the title of this statue but i told my aunt, reminds me of the oblation run at UP (cover your face, not your body).

**face of an egyptian  queen.


  1. hmmm Art appreciation! Like the second picture.

    1. lol...believe me, it was a tough one to explain.

  2. so how did you explain that iranian sculpture to your nieces? :)



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