it was suppose to be a fun day...

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there are so many pictures and videos being played right now on the news regarding the boston marathon explosion but for me, this captured everything.  a victim lying on the ground, the american flag on the ground with blood stains, and yet you see a young man comforting the victim amid all the chaos.  

i try to avoid posting anything relating to news but this hits close to "home".  even though i do not run marathons, i do run twice a week and i'm a part of a running club here in NYC.  i know at least 5 people in my running club who participated in today's marathon.  


  1. ang surreal lang ng mga dugo sa floor.

  2. kahapon sobrang down ng mga tao sa facultyu room dahil dito..

  3. sending my prayers to all the victims of this senseless terrorist act :(

  4. nakita ko din to , tsk tsk ang bad nmn ng gumawa nito!



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