it's definitely more fun in the philippines...

finally, i am staying in a hotel/resort where i can get wifi in my room, not the lobby.

it's been over a week since i arrived and let me tell you, taking a short vacation is not recommend.  it's a pain in the behind.  trying to fit all the plans in the time allowed is a nightmare.  to be honest, i still have jetlag.  all my plans since the day i arrived consist of going out at night and sleeping in the day.

in any case, within a week, my travel consist of:

New York City, US > Seoul, South Korea > Manila, Philippines (PH) > Puerto Princesa, Palawan, PH > El Nido, Palawan, PH > Puerto Princesa, Palawan, PH > Cebu, PH > Siargao, PH (i'm here, last night).

**El Nido, Palawan

**Siargao, PH

**Siargao, PH



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