road trip from san diego to las vegas...

the 5 hours drive between san diego to las vegas was not a pleasant one.  it was hot, humid, and did i mention that it's 5 hours?  i am used to long driving but the whole trip rest on my daily driving....this was not vacation, it was work.

there's nothing much to see along the highway.  it mostly barren and dried mountains.  there would be small towns but nothin much to look at really.  luckily, there is the calico ghost town which was a few miles away from the main road and a good break from the driving.  

we left san diego around 9 am...we got to vegas around 4 pm (including rest stops)...

**sis inside the main lobby of aria hotel and casino...



  1. Eto siguro yung plce where yung mga cowboy cowboy n mga eksena!

  2. Replies
    1. something like that....but i don't think it's advisable. super init.

  3. Driving isn't always so good is it, I always think it's going to be more exciting than it actually is. We drove from Orlando to Savannah, 5 hours. A very boring 5 hours indeed.

    Is this place real? Looks like a film set.

    1. if there is another driver, it's not that bad. but if there's only one driver, like i did, it's not fun.

      i've done the orlando to NYC for 19 hrs. i slept the whole day afterwards - i was that tired.

  4. Perhaps you were too cranky coz it was hot and humid but I think there'd still be a lot of beauty on the road that you could capture and you have captured.

    1. i guess....and i was a bit scared of the car over-heating in the middle of nowhere.

  5. looks interesting. but i'm with you on the 5-hour drive and the hot and humid. don't enjoy them either.




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