am i that cheap or just practical???

recently, i purchased a tablet from eBay.  it's brand new (yes, it's never been used) and the best part, it was very very cheap.  the problem is that it's made in china and it's not a brand name.  before buying the tablet, i made sure i checked any reviews i can find.  luckily, i found this youtube review...

a few weeks after purchasing my tablet, i decided to get a memory card.  yes, i got it from eBay as well.  this time, it was a bidding war.  i got a 64GB micro SD for 18 bucks.  i searched bestbuy to see the retail price and i was happy i went through eBay.  the price was a whopping 79 bucks.   so i figured i did pretty well.

it's been three/fours weeks since i purchased these gadgets and to be honest, i have not used them as much as i want.  i've used the tablet probably 2-3 times so far.  i still prefer my laptop to do my work or my phone to browse.

i was thinking maybe, just maybe, i'm embarrassed to show my tablet to my nieces and nephews.  they make fun of me (in a nice way) and they call me cheap.  all of them have brand name tablets while i have my eBay bought, no name brand toy.

oh well...


  1. You're practical. I am the same way. *highfive.

  2. Oh, you shouldn't be embarrassed about that! Being practical is very important, don't buy something only because people say so. It is only important if the quality from China is good enough, that's all you should worry about! ;)

    1. i'm hoping that it does not break anytime soon. crossing my fingers and toes...

  3. Well hey, as long as it works for what you want it then there's no need to be embarrassed. it's like shopping at a cheaper supermarket but getting a similar quality produce.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. agree 100%. now i'm trying to figure out what's the reason why i bought it :) LOL

  4. Later their lives, your nieces and nephews will realized how practicality works so okay lang yan.



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