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in recent years, tv commercials here in the US of A has been trying to create advertisements that reflects what typical american family/society looks like in this time and age.  

**photo credit: honey maid
May 2013: Cherrios (an interracial family)

February 2014: Coca-Cola (america the beautiful in different languages)

March 2014: Honey Maid (same-sex family, a rocker family, a single parent, an interracial family, a military family)

the response by Honey Maid to the haters...


  1. Well done. I haven't seen any of those commercials, so thanks.

  2. I love watching commercials, and I super love these.

    In one of Senyor Iskwater's Facebook status he said, "People who will not change will become haters.". It's so true.

  3. I love the Coca- cola commercial:) I've watched it many times:)



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