travelling in central america by bus...

before going to central america, i looked at so many travel books and post by fellow bloggers.  i got some good suggestions/recommendations and in the end, i decided to take the tica bus which service this part of the world.

tica bus in most cases have two options: tourist and executive.  i was told that there's no difference between the two.  i wish i can provide you with details but all my trips - three in total - were all tourist (the cheaper option).  my original plan was to take the executive on all trips but my first two trips does not have the executive option while the third one was already fully booked.

the three trips average 9 hrs (min) to 14 hrs (max) each.  the 9 hrs trips does not stop to get some food.  yes, you are on your own.  you either bring your own food or hope that a vendor board the bus with hamburger, cheese sandwiches, and cape or soda.  the 14 hrs trip stopped only one time - and they tell you it's only for 25 minutes.  so basically get off the bus first and be in-front of the line to enjoy your meal or opt out for a take-out.

there is a bathroom on board.  not going to tell you the condition because if you've taken such bus before, it can vary - from i will never go back there again or it's clean enough for me to use it.  but for a 9 hrs trip, i will use it no matter what.



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