watch me...

the battery on my "daily" watch died on me a few days ago.  it was a bit of a distraction not having a watch since i'm used to having one all the time.  i felt i was "naked" if you know what i mean.

anyway, instead of getting the battery replaced, i decided to be "practical" and get a new watch that does not require a battery.  i was lucky enough that macy's department store was having an extra 25% off in addition to other benefits for having their credit card.  i also used a gift card i received after participating in their donation promo this past holiday season.  i believe the promo was something like you donate $25 for a charity macy's sponsors and any spending savings you get  from the month of October to December will be given to you as a gift card.  let's just say i got back what i donated and more.

after using all these savings, i basically paid 60% off the retail price....not bad don't you think.  

and now i don't feel "naked" anymore ;)

**citizen eco-drive watch...


  1. Naked. How you the feeling. i need to rely on my cell clock for the mean time.



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