a break in the sun...

i've been on hiatus the past few weeks.  it's been a while since i took a long time away from work so late last month, i went back to my motherland, the philippines.

it's been 2 years and 2 months to be exact the last time i went home.  it was bitter sweet homecoming knowing  that my constant companion is no longer around.  my bestfriend since grade school died earlier this year.  

it has always been my ritual that as soon as i arrived pinas, i always visit my dad's grave.  this time, i had to go to another place to visit my bestfriend's grave.  my cousin was kind enough to accompany me to search for his resting place.  it was not tough since close friends advice me where to look.

it was tough and painful seeing his name...........with a beginning and end date.  i wanted to cry but i tried to hold back the tears for i know he is now happy.  my cousin teared up a bit since my friend was well loved by everyone in my family.  we stayed for a bit and offered a prayer.

he was supposed to join me and my family on our trip to palawan.  he would finally meet my english speaking nieces and nephews.  the first and last time i went to palawan......it was two years ago and i literally drag him to come along.  he always cannot refuse me even though he has work.

i will miss my bestfriend so much.  pilipinas vacations will never be the same like before...

**el nido, palawan.  one of the last trip that my bestfriend and i shared...


  1. "it was tough and painful seeing his name...........with a beginning and end date" - ngayon ko lang naisip, how sad it is indeed to see someone you love, his/her name indicating an end date. Anyways, I'm not sure it would help but I'm sure your best friend is in a better place now and I'm sure you had such great memories that you could cherish. Hugs and sorry for your loss.

    1. thanks zai. as one of our friends mentioned, he is now in heaven together with the angels he is named after.

  2. :( I still do the remember that post of last year. And I miss your online presence for awhile. Kaya pala kasi you went back home to our motherland.

    1. yup. it was a very short vacation and for the first time, i can say i need a vacation from my vacation. i was sooo tired from the vacay.

  3. So sorry for your loss. I trust you have many wonderful memories to comfort you.
    That's a beautiful, serene picture.

    1. thanks sandra. i do have many memories, good and bad. and because of the bad, we became the best of friends..



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