jacob, emma, and the rest of the peculiars...

i didn't realized that it's been 4 years since i read the first book that ranson riggs wrote, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children.  i got bored earlier this month and needed something to do besides listening to music and playing with a game app on the way to work.  my niece had a kindle she bought less than a year ago that she no longer use and rather than put it to waste, i borrowed it.

in less than three weeks, i managed to read the 2nd and 3rd book regarding the peculiar children.  i can't wait for the movie to come out.

hollow city (2nd book)

library of souls (3rd book)


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    1. i wish i had extra time. my subway ride from home to work and vise-versa is "my" rest time :)

  2. ye. we all wish for more extra time :)



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