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i'm starting to get addicted on reading fiction books again - which is a good thing by the way.  only problem is that the book i'm mostly reading are targeted for teens.  am i having a mid-life crisis that i'm not aware off?  i hope not.  i'm too young (denial mode here) for that kind of sheat (yes, trying to be rated-PG here).

3 book series:  asylum, sanctum, and catacomb by Madeline Roux

i was lucky enough to get the 3 book series from the local library ebook.

originally published in 2013, the story focuses on 3 high schools students who became good friends in the most bizarre circumstances.


the first book deals with dan crawford (the main character) who discovered that an asylum turned into a college dorm on a visit for a summer program is more than just a building.  upon arrival, he started to feel a "weird" connection to the building itself.  here we met two other visiting HS student turned good friend, abby and jordan.  being young and curious, they discovered a hidden passage in the closed section of the dorm which caused trouble to the whole summer program.  dan would lose consciousness and would dream living the life of the former warden of the asylum.  little did dan know that his name is the same name of the last warden - who shall we say did not follow the rules and regulations.


the second book continues the connection of dan and the now infamous warden of the asylum.  this time, they had to deal with visions and nightmares that hunt them (yes, it's now affecting abby and jordan as well).  they went back to the asylum to solve this unending nightmare.  as a typical scary stories goes, do NOT go back to the scene of the freaking crime.  this time, a secret society tried to hunt our heroic (and might i say stupid for going back) trio.  deception, murder, and mystery all tangled in this 2nd series.


the 3rd book in the series, we follow our loveable trio to the deep south on route to help jordan move to new orleans.  thinking that dan's story is finally over after what happened on the 2nd book, we found out that he has ties to this part of the country as well.  dan learned more about of his birth parents (he was a foster kid btw) and how they died.  with new orleans being big when it comes to superstitions, dan's biological family (mother side at least) owes some nasty people who would not stop until the family lineage is wiped out.  dan almost lost his friendship with abby and jordon, lost a pinky finger, and almost got killed.  but wait, we also learned from this 3rd series that dan's mom was still alive.  i didn't see that coming.


the first book was great.  it was fun reading and there are some scary part that i really like.  by the 2nd book, the momentum was just gone.  i still like it but i would not re-read it again.  by the 3rd book, i just decided to skip some of the pages.  it was dragging and there is no connection (in a story kind of way) between the 1st book and the 3rd book.  yes, there was a the link to the asylum and the former warden but i feel that the author just use that to keep the story going....but it just didn't work for me.

oh well, on to the next book.


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