2016 NYC Marathon...

i finally did it.  i ran the 2016 NYC Marathon.  it was not easy but it's done, over with, checked off my bucket list.  my 3rd marathon, 3rd world marathon, and my 2nd marathon within a month's break.

this marathon was meant to be a fun run.  no pressure of doing personal record or running faster than my co-runners.  this is purely to enjoy my hometown.  after years and years of running, i finally managed to run the city i call home.  running the 5 boroughs of NYC was exciting yet painful.  exciting because running with 50,000++ is just crazy.  the cheering crowds were hyped up as well.  painful because running 5 bridges is not fun.  i cursed the smallest bridge because running an incline (even a small one) after 20 miles is NOT a fun thing to do.  

will i do it again?  maybe.  i've learned my lesson to never say never.

now to the next adventure :)

**it should be 26.2 miles, not 25.06....my gps watch just stopped at some point.  



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