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for the past few months since i started my marathon training, i have been having some knee pain that won't go away.  most of my friends keeps bugging me to see a DR to have it checked.  but with Berlin and NYC marathon on the line, i decided to ignore the pain and try to finish what i originally planned......complete the two marathons injury free or not.

now that the marathons are over (NYC was about a month ago), i finally went to see a sport medicine DR yesterday.  i mentioned all the problems i've been having - pain on my left buttock area, pain on my left thigh muscles, and pain/tingling on the back of left knee.  the DR confirmed what my friends and i originally guessed, sciatic nerve pain.  i wasn't going to deny what it is but it's been bothering so much especially when i'm at work sitting for a long period of time.  i had to keep lifting my left buttocks just to alleviate the pain (i just hope that my co-worker's doesn't think i'm passing gas).      

i thought that was it.  when my DR looked at my heels, he asked me if i was having some pain in that area.  i told him no but i mentioned that after my Berlin marathon in Sept, both heels got swollen (besides the marathon, i stupidly did a lot of walking tours in europe).  he mentioned that it has not fully healed, he felt a tenderness on both heels, and that he is more concerned about that than the sciatica.

the DR recommended that i take some anti-inflammatory meds and i'm scheduled for the next 6 weeks for physical therapy.  he did not stop me from running when I asked BUT i'm limited to 3 miles per day AND only 2x a week.  

i should be upset but i'm learning to respect my body if i want to continue this marathon thing.    


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