meet alaka'i lastimado...

saw the video below on my facebook feed this morning,  i guess he's been trending for a few days now.  and i don't see why not.  even i cannot take my eyes of from the way he danced so gracefully.  i've seen videos of male hula dancers before but with power and might.  this one was very gentle and as i said, with grace.

after watching the video, i had an "awakening" if you want to call it that way.  i said to myself, i must be an islander and a damn good hula dancer in my previous life.

why such a bold statement??...

as a child, i know i can dance.  i was not trained but i know i got rhythm.  i was part of my class who performs when the school has a special program.  anyway, one of the songs that i really love to dance was tiny bubbles by don ho.  i can remember vividly how meticulous i was about the feet and hand movements.  i don't know why i was fascinated about hula at a young age.  but growing up in a country where hula is seen as a "girly" dance, i lost interest.

oh the what if's in life..

BTW - based on his last name, there's a filipino blood running through his veins...



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