Movie Review: Sin City / Daylight Saving Time

Sin City

Movie was great. Very early Hollywood movie type. Black and white with a dash of color such as a blue eyes, red lipstick, and gold skin. It stay in the genre of comic book theme but with the inginuity of Miller and Rodriguez, it capture the essence of the whole movie making effect. Dramatic in so many ways yet it was action filled event.

I don't like the ending though. I always wanted the hero to live but not on this one. Hey, I'm a sucker for romance and happy ending endings.

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Can you imagine that DST start today?? For some apparent reason, I totally forgot about it. Well I actually didn't even know that it was today. I guess I just have too much in my mind right now to worry about that. And the fact that I lose 1 hour of sleep didn't help as well.


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