Why does life had to be complicated? When it comes to certain aspects in life, it always brings the best and the worst in everyone one of us. Makes you think how you can do such a thing or why things go wrong.

For example, why am I writing this post which does not make any sense at all. I'm here sitting right in front of the computer thinking of what to write -- how i feel right now but I'm writing something else. Totally different from what I had originally planned. But still, the last sentence prior to this sentence does make any sense at all as well.

Maybe I should go out. This always works for me when I have nothing else to do. I was actually invited to go play softball today. But guess what, it's in Brooklyn. If I drive, it will take me about an hour. If I take the subway, it's about 2 to 3 hours depending on the weekend schedule. Anyhow, driving or not, I don't want to go to Brooklyn.

They say it's going to rain today but guess what, the sun is out and no clouds in the sky. What's up with the weather channel?? Can they atleast predict something that is right??

I'm planning to buy a new car in the not so distant future. Family and friends wanted me to buy a reliable car like a honda civic or accord. But my liking is to buy either a truck (not SUV) like the Ram or the very small Cooper. I just like to buy a truck because I'm used to driving big cars. I think it's a step up after driving an SUV for 6 years. And no, I'm not buying a truck just to compensate for something personal. I just like the look of a truck.

Why a Cooper? Have you seen the convertible mini cooper. HOT!!!!!!!!!. Yes I know, I'm too tall for a cooper, but who cares, I'm driving it.

Back to my original idea (see first paragraph). See this is what I mean. I have no set mind. Too many idea is so little time. Anyway, I need to take a nap. That always help me as well. Ciao.


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