half and half

About a week ago while heading towards work, I thought a saw a picture of Lea Salonga (a countrywoman, Miss Saigon star) on the bulletin board of Carnegie hall. I had to double look since I wasn’t exactly sure. To my surprise, it was her alright. According to the poster, she will have a concert that night at the very prestigious concert theater. As soon as I got to my office (which is a couple of doors down the block), I immediately called anyone that I could drag. Since it was a last minute invitation, none of my friends could come and none of my families wanted to go. So, I said to myself, I’ll go solo.

I decided to go during my lunch break to get a ticket -- there was a bit of line. As soon as I got to the ticket counter, the salesperson told me that the best seats in the house are already sold out and that any ticket available will only have a partial view. “Partial View”??? I said to myself, for $45 a ticket (which was the cheapest by the way and also the farthest), I want to see the whole thing. It’s bad enough that I would see Lea the size of an ant but to see her partially is ridiculous. So being the sensible person that I am, I bought the ticket……NOT!!!!


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