thanxgiving blues.....

when it comes to the all-american holiday thanxgiving, i remember only two things...

1. thanxgiving in buffalo (1999) -- i was suppose to go home for the holiday (like everyone else) but while driving around getting ready to leave, i noticed that my car is acting up. rather than taking the risk of having a car problem in my 8 hours journey home, i decided to stay in the comfort of my dorm room. i was planning to have dinner at a local restaurant but i didn't realized that in small town america, they close restaurants during thanxgiving. what a bummer.

2. thanxgiving (2004) -- this was memorable and i hate to admit it but that best thanxgiving i had so far. i was with my now X stayed at one of the most expensive hotel in new york city "le parker meridien" for one night. i got a discount of course since my work is nearby and i have a membership at their gym (not anymore). we stayed at the 23rd floor facing central park so this was very very romantic. to top it all of, we had a dinner at brasserie 8 1/2 -- for those of you watched sex in the city, you know this restaurant. it was a night to remember.....of course by the next day, both of us had to wake up early since we have to go to work.


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