working in the farm

since november of 2005, i've been working at least once a week @ our westchester location to cover the vacated hr department in that site (i'm based in the city). there are 4 of us who does the rotation. since going up there is normally a break from the daily work routine in the city, it gives us some time to catch up with things that we need to finish (that's my excuse but i'm not sure for my other co-workers).

i originally hated the idea of going since travelling is a hassle. i have to wake-up @ 5 in the morning, get out of the house by 5:30, take a 45 minutes subway ride, and then take another 45 minutes train ride. by the time i get to my destination, i'm already exhausted. and i have to do the same thing going back home.

** the picture above is the entrance to the main building on the compound. the office that i occupied is literally the first door you will see as soon as you walk in.


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