are you kidding me...

on the way home tonight from work, something annoying happened to me while i was on the subway. i was sitting comfortably when this woman seated on the open spot next to me. usually i don't mind it since i don't own the subway system and it was an open seat. but (no pun intended) this woman was big.....i mean really big (in every shape and form). i have no problem with big people since we all have different body types....but what was she thinking. did she really thought that we can both fit in??? maybe it's just me but usually when i see an open seat in a semi-crowded train or bus or anywhere, i tend to analyze first to see if my behind can fit in that open spot. if i have a feeling that it would be impossible (which by the way is not the case - just trying clear that one up), i don't force myself just to avoid the embarrassment.

back to my story. this woman did not seat on the open spot slowly. she just drop her assets like the space was very big. as if i was never there. i tried to wiggle to make myself more comfortable but it was a waste of energy - there was no space for me to even make a small nudge. i wanted to stand up just to free myself from the sudden imprisonment but i had a very long day and was too tired to stand for the duration of my trip. luckily she got off after a few stops...or else it was going to be a long trip.


  1. LOL! Maybe she was too tired herself to analyze and give a damn on how big the space was. ;-)

  2. oh she was luckily that i was not in the mood...

  3. @glentot - feeling is not mutual...

  4. @ahmer - she's about my body size and a half....



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