so burger it is...

i decided to take my oldest nephew, dominick to work today. i know it's the weekend and all (i work mon thru fri only) but i had so much stuff that i need to catch-up. anyway, we stayed up to 1:30 pm.

i asked dom what he wanted for lunch. he begged me that he wants to eat burger. he mentioned mcdonald's but i told him that i don't know if there's one around near my actuality, there is one a block away (sorry dom). why lie? i already had a mc'd the day before (what can i say, i was stressed @ work and i was looking for something to "pick-me-up"). another reason is because i wanted to go to this burger place that i pass by every single day before and after work. anyway, it's a bit of a walk for where we were but why not.

so we went to bill's bar and burger located @ rockefeller center. this place tends to get crowded during friday nights and when there's a major sporting even - especially if it's a ny team playing. since it's saturday, the only crowd is mostly tourist.

after looking at their menu, i ordered a bacon and cheese burger (there goes my arteries) while i chose mini b's (it's 3 sliders) for dom.

dom with his mini b's

my bacon and cheese burger


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