say what???

it all started back in october of last year while waiting for my flight bound from new york to manila for my annual pilgrimage trip back to my birthplace. i decided to wonder around the magazine store to see if i can find something interesting to read during the flight or just frankly to do something, rather than sitting and waiting.

anyways, while inside the store, i saw this book titled "squirrel seeks chipmunk" on the best-seller section. i said to myself, what is a kid's picture book doing in the adult best-seller section. i opened it and realized that it was not a picture book but stories. i immediately put it back on the rack and keep on browsing. i had no intentions of reading a story book.

about a month ago while trying to reserve some books and videos online with the public library, i decided to check the nytimes fiction best-seller to see what is everyone reading these days. i noticed that the book that i ignored at the airport was in the top 10. now, this made me curios as to why? since i was fascinated by my re-discovery, i decided to reserve it.

a few days ago, i got the book and started reading it while riding the subway on my way to work. at first, i thought it was just a lame old stories about what if animals could act and feel like human, you know, the usual stuff. but after a page or two, it was more than i thought. it basically traits of human beings that we find sometime shocking but is actually true. there's also parts where curse words are mentioned (which can be very offensive) but the way it was written, it was laughable....because it's true.


  1. Bestselers actually come in weird packages... I guess you really can't... er... judge a book by its cover.



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