A taste of Japan

Bonsai - what a way to present a tiramisu

when it comes to going out for dinner in New York, there are so many to chose from. it actually depends what you're in the mood for. And lately, J and I have been eating at mostly japanese restaurant.

last monday, J suggested we go this place called ninja. it was a suggestion from j's friend and that we should try it out. in any case, being curious that we are, and also getting board of eating @ gyo-kaku every monday, we ventured to the world of the unknown....just kiddin.

first of all, you NEED to make a reservation. the place is very small and it's located in the basement of a building in tribeca. YES! THE BASEMENT. tribeca for my non-new york friend is an area in manhattan near the world trade center. anyway, you take this elevator to go to the "1st" floor (or the basement). as soon as the doors open, you are jolted by a ninja costume wearer waiter shouting "HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!". i'm glad that j came out first or else i'll be screaming like a little girl....sorry, i get scared easily.


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