a red thingymajig.........

one of the very few weired things that can be found in the city of new york. the sculpture was created by world renowned artist Jeff Koons and was entitled, oddly enough, "Balloon Flower (Red)". this massive art can be seen @ 7 world trade center. yes, there is a 7 WTC...the first one to be built and fully funtioning after the attack. in any case, back to my story.

i tried to google this sculpture to see what they call it and the history. i was disappointed in what i found. the sculpture is not an original art commisioned for the 7 wtc. from what i know, this is the 4th in it's series (or maybe even more). to remember all those lives that was perished in that sacred ground, i would expect to see something more original. sad.....very very sad.


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