a that week that was......

so many things happened this week that i don't even know where to start. most of them are not good which basically means it's hard for me to write what i really want to write. i guess i just have to write whatever comes to mind.

first, the very bad news. my sister and her family is headin back to the philippines. she's actually on the way to the airport as i type this blog. they found out last week that her father-in-law is confined to a hospital. the diagnosis is not good. cancer. whether they operate on him or not, time can only tell how long will he last. sad. very very sad.

second, one of the office manager in my work sent me an email at around 4:30 pm that made me go bonkers. in the email, she wrote and I quote, "since day one this employee started working, you've been mishandling her paperwork". she also wrote and I quote, "you've requested one form from us three times which you already have and we did not complain but just comply with your request". my response:

-- in regards to the form that I requested three times, my reasoning for that is because the form was sent to me does not have any signature. i specifically mentioned this through an email but i keep still getting the unsigned form. i can not process an unsigned form.

-- about the mishandling issue, prior to my vacation, I emailed you guys the form with instructions so that employee can fill it out, return to my department on time so that at least she can be paid. if you call that mishandling, then i take the blame.

i left work with a big headache. how can someone question my work ethic.

the following day, after finally resolving the issue (which by the way was caused by other departments and not me), she emailed me saying thank you for the quick response. i replied back that her email was very inappropriate and offensive. her response was that it was not meant to be that way. i decided to responded. there was no apology at all. no sorry.

by the way, she included in the email correspondence her boss which i replied to everone as well. if she only know that i can included my boss and her boss's boss in the email, she could be repremanded. she's still new to the company and still on probation. but i did not. i decided to be the better person.


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