let the fun begins......

like most fridays, I walked to from 57th street all the way to 42nd street grand central to meet with geli. normally we walked from 42nd to 14th street but there were still snow on the ground and it was chilly. so we decided to take the subway all the way to the barnes and nobles on 14th-union square. we met one of her friends, hangout-out for a while reading magazines. geli and I were to meet andrew (geli's boyfriend) in canal street to have dinner at this restaurant which I was told was to close down for good the following day. by 7 pm, we got to the restaurant but was told that they closed @ 5 pm. WHAT A BUMMER!!!!!!!.

we walked around chinatown and andrew recommend this other restaurant. it was packed. we waited for a about 10 minutes but andrew order some take out because he had to go back to work. that left geli and i to have dinner by ourselves....like the old days. the night ended around 9 pm (yes.....I am getting old for this shit). and hey, it was freezing.


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